Game of Thrones - Westeros Map 4D Puzzle

  • - Velikost : 46 X 5 cm
  • - Jméno interpreta :
  • - Typ výrobku : Jigsaw Puzzle
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Možnosti dekorace

4D Cityscape is a patented three layer puzzle design that is both fun and educational. Layer 1 & 2 assemble together forming a geographical map of the city. The 4th Dimension is Time, located on the third layer of the puzzle. You refer to the Time Poster to locate & place each building on the map according to the year it was built. As you work your way through the Time Poster you are placing each building in chronological order as if history is happening before your eyes! The year of the last building placed on the map represents the year you are in the puzzle. As you play and refer to the poster, you rebuild and learn how the skyline actually evolved over time! It?s fun, challenging, and educational. Ages 8+. 1,400+ pieces.

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